Product Manuals

USB Bootloader

Tools required

Activating the bootloader

The K1 button needs to be pressed while connecting the device to the computer with the USB cable. Once the XScope enters the bootloader, the red LED will be lit, and will blink with USB activity. The XScope will appear as a new device on the host computer, the drivers required are found in the FLIP application folder.

FLIP application instructions

  1. Start Flip.
  2. Select ATXMEGA32A4U in the device selection list.
  3. Select USB as communication medium
  4. Open the USB port to connect to the target.
  5. Make sure the FLASH buffer is selected and check ERASE, BLANK CHECK, PROGRAM, VERIFY.
  6. Load the HEX file .hex
  7. Press RUN
  9. Load the HEX file .eep
  10. Uncheck ERASE and BLANK CHECK, only leave checked PROGRAM and VERIFY
  11. Press RUN
  13. After updating the firmware, make sure to recalibrate the device (See section 1.6).