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This software is used to interface to Gabotronics' line of oscilloscopes (Xprotolab / Xminilab). The PC interface has been rewritten in the Qt framefork so it can be multiplatform. This is the FIRST RELEASE of the software, meaning that it may have many bugs. Please report bugs in GitHub.

This application is open source, so everyone is encouraged to improve it.

For Windows, you will need to install the WinUSB drivers using the ZADIG tool.

XScopes QT program

For USB connectivity, you will need:

  1. USB capable device, such as the Xminilab HW 2.0, or Xprotolab HW 1.7.
  2. Update the the device with the latest firmware.
  3. Connect the USB device and install the USB Driver. I currently don't have a digital signature from a certificate authority, so you will get a big red warning when installing the driver. Trust me, the driver is just WINUSB with my own .inf file.

This application is open source, so that anyone can port it to another OS, or perhaps just use the source for a similar project.

Thanks to Murray Lindeblom for his contribution on the WINUSB drivers.

Thanks to Scott McCain for his contribution for a modern UI remake of the .NET application.


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I received the xprotolab and I'm blown away by the sophistication of the software. I work in audio a lot and I often have to lug equipment around between labs. This pocket unit will come in handy. Tom Maier


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