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Gabotronics is a small company based in Lakewood Ranch, FL. We have 10+ years of analog and digital design experience.
Gabotronics is recognized by Atmel as a Third Party Vendor.

We design and manufacture embedded systems. We specialize in 8-32 bits microcontroller projects, instrumentation and data acquisition, PCB Layout, custom electronic designs and we can provide engineering consultation.

Currently we are selling data acquisition development boards, but we plan to expand our product line with all kind of electronics products in the future.

Mission Statement

The goal of our company is to provide low cost development tools and share our knowledge to the electronic hobbyists community.

About Me



My name is Gabriel Anzziani, I am an electronic engineer from Venezuela, graduated in 2003 from University Simón Bolívar.

I founded Gabotronics in February 2009, I chose the name of my company when I was very young, when I started playing with electronics (mainly dissasembling toys and electronic stuff to see how they worked).

My main interests (besides electronics) are music, chess, and biking.





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