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3x4 Keypad KEYPADSM $5.00   3x4 Small Keypad

Breakaway Header 36 HDR-36 $1.00 36-Pin Male Pin Header Single Strip

Full sized breadboard BREADBRD $8.00 Breadboard for quick and easy circuit testing and experimentation.

Jumper Wire 6" 2 M/F CBL-J2MF $0.60   Jumper wires with 0.1 dual female connector to single male connectors.

Jumper Wire 6" M/F CBL-J1MF $0.30   Jumper wires with 0.1 male to female connectors.

Jumper Wire 6" M/M CBL-J1MM $0.30   Jumper wires with 0.1 male connector on both ends.

Premium jumper Wire 6" M/F CBL-J2MF+ $0.40   Premium jumper wires with 0.1 male to female connectors.

Scrap Boards PCB-0000 $0.25 Scrap Boards

Small Breadboard BB390 $5.00 Breadboard for quick and easy analog circuit testing and experimentation.

Small Stripboard STPBRD2 $1.00 Economically priced, easy to use Stripboard. Great for quick fabrication and testing. Pre-drilled and ready for soldering.

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XMEGA Xprotolab
XMEGA Xprotolab


Xprotolab: The most awesome little device ever, and a great price! A+ Definitely recommend! shisux

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