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SD Card Demo Manual

The SD Card demo is based on ChaN's FatFs demo project. The application will initialize the SD card and initialize the FAT system, then, HyperTerminal is used to interface with the SD Card. The RS232 settings are: 115200bps, 1 start bit, 1 stop bit, no parity, no hardware control.

List of commands:

dd [<sector>] - Dump sector
ds - Show disk status
bd <addr> - Dump R/W buffer
be <addr> [<data>] ... - Edit R/W buffer
br <sector> [<n>] - Read disk into R/W buffer
bw <sector> [<n>] - Write R/W buffer into disk
bf <n> - Fill working buffer
fs [<path>] - Show logical drive status
fl [<path>] - Directory listing
fo <mode> <name> - Open a file
fc - Close a file
fe - Seek file pointer
fr <len> - read file
fd <len> - read and dump file from current fp
fw <len> <val> - write file
fv - Truncate file
fn <old_name> <new_name> - Change file/dir name
fk <name> - Create a directory
fa <atrr> <mask> <name> - Change file/dir attribute
ft <year> <month> <day> <hour> <min> <sec> <name>
fx <src_name> <dst_name> - Copy file

To exit, press *

SD Card Demo

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