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Chess Manual

One of the Xmegalab examples applications is a Chess game.

If you are not familiar with the game, you can check wikipedia's chess article.

The source code is based on Andre Adrian's AVR-Max, a port of Micro-Max by H. G. Muller.

User Interface:

The moves are entered using the coordinate notation using the keypad. Numbers 1 thru 8 represent letters a thru h.
For example, to enter the move "e2e4", one would type on the keypad "5254", followed by #

The number 9 on the keypad is used to enter commands:
1: New game
2: Set level
3: Set variant
For example, to change to level 2, one would enter on the keypad "92", followed by #

The # symbol on the keypad is used to enter the move or command.
To clear the current entry, press * on the keypad. If there is no entry, then * will exit the game.

Currently, the interface works like a 2 player game (the program will wait until a move is entered), but to have the computer make a move, press #.


A graphical user interface is coming soon.

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