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The AVR MultiKitB


MultiKitB is a multi purpose development kit using AVR microcontrollers. It is targeted for anyone who wants to start learning AVR micros. The big thing about MultiKitB is that it is also a fully featured Mixed Signal Oscilloscope and Spectrum Analyzer. The MultiKitB is preprogrammed with a bootloader which allows firmware updates and programming your own applications.

MSO MultiKitB MSO Manual
bootloader MultiKitB Bootloader Manual

The MultiKitB demonstrates:

  • LCD Displays
  • Analog to Digital Converters
  • Rotary Encoders
  • RS-232 Interface
  • XModem File Transfer
  • /O Multiplexing
  • Negative Voltage Generation
  • Fast Fourier Transforms
  • Pseudo Random Numbers
  • Fixed and Fractional Numbers
  • Linked Lists
  • Memory Management

The MultiKitB requires a DC power supply of 6V, 100mA.
To power on the MultiKitB, press K7 for at least half a second, you will hear two clicks.
To power down the MultiKitB, press K7 for at least 2 seconds. You will hear the power down sound.
If using an external programmer, K7 needs to be pressed while programming the MultiKitB.


Hardware Overview






Included in the source code is a demonstration project with 6 applications:

DEMO: A physics simulation of particles
: Popular painting game
: Demo using accelerometer to change viewing angle of a sphere
: Simple Mini Piano
: Fractal to demo simple math and random numbers
: RS-232 Terminal


This is a simple physics simulation of particles. Each particle is represented by a pixel moving on the screen. The forces between particles can be electric type or spring type. This application also demonstrate the use of linked lists.

Use the rotary encoders to move the first particle on the list.

K1: Toggles friction on/off.
K2: Toggles gravity on/off.
K3: Toggles chain mode on/off. When the chain mode is enabled, each particle will interact only with the previous and following particle on the list.
K4: Toggles the force type electric/spring. Electric Force = q1*q2 / d^2. Spring Force = k * d
K5: Removes the last particle from the list
K6: Creates a new particle at a random location
K7: Exit


mode-sktch This is a simple game to demonstrate the rotary encoders.

Use the rotary encoders to move the pen.

K1: Erase screen
K2: Pen erases
K3: Pen draws 50%
K4: Pen draws 100%
K5: Thick pen
K6: Thin pen
K7: Exit



mode-3d This is a simple application to demonstrate 3D math.

Use the rotary encoders to change the viewing angle of the sphere.

To exit press K7



This is a simple application to demonstrate the use of the buzzer. To exit press K7



mode-fractal This is a simple application to demonstrate fractals and random numbers

K1: Sierpinski Triangle
K2: Sierpinski Hexagon
K3: Mandelbrot Fractal
K4: Zoom out Mandelbrot
K5: Zoom in Mandelbrot
K6: Koch Fractal
K7: exit



This is a simple RS-232 terminal application. Settings are:

19200 bps 8 data bits, No Parity, 1 Stop bit, No Flow control

Typing in HyperTerminal will display in the MultiKit
Pressing the K1 to K6 keys will display the letters a thru f in the HyperTerminal window.
To exit press K7

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