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Xprotolab Pictures

Do you have a cool picture of the Xprotolab in action? Send it to us!, we will post it here.

Xprotolab case by Elvio Rossi:


Altoids O-Scope by Richard O'Neill:

Altoids Xprotolab

 Another Altoids Xprotolab by Carlos W:


Xprotolab reprogrammed to read temperature from a DS18B20 chip, by DocJC:

Custom Xprotolab

Xprotolab base "Shield" by Alan Kamrowski II:


Xprotolab case by Benoît Bender:


Xprotolab case by Michael Krämer:


Sniffing a ZIGBEE module's UART with the Xprotolab, by Marc Merlin:


Pocket friendly Xprotolab, by Vadim Skovorodin:


More Xprotolab pictures on Flickr:

polyAna signal analyzer

DIY: gabotronics XprotoLab kit


avatar MadhaV
awesome device.
avatar rostlaur
Press 'Try Again', 'Try Again', 'Try Again'... on Google to find a better design, value, superb information, and unit that will never leave your workbench. Good luck
avatar Xeon
Seriously.. searched google for hours.
Nothing compares.
It's more than just a tool.
avatar MikeSr39
If the unit is supposed to run off of 5v, how do they get the scopes to run in pictures off of 3 AA Batteries???
avatar ganzziani
A voltage of 4.5V will still work, however, lowering the voltage further will decrease the input range of the input channels.
avatar Torby
OH! Love those altoid scopes.

Where do you find a holder for 3 AA's?
avatar carlos1w
Thanks Torby, I bought the holder at Radio Schack.
avatar Torby
Never found one at RS that holds 3.

I built mine for 2 AAA's and put a boost converter underneath the xprotolab. Etched Gallifreyan writing on the top. It says, "Mine! Keepa yous hands off!"

May never find an old flat lidded altoids tin again.
avatar tiorbinist
Torby, Check out http://www.adafruit.com/category/53 Ada has obtained a bunch of un-painted tins in the size and design of Altoids gum and mint tins. The bottoms are flat, rather than raised, as well, more room to stuff things in. The gum tin (1.4" wide) has a domed top: just use the bottom, which is flat. Top and bottom of the Altoids tin is flat. They're currently for the gum tin, .50 for the mint tin, but with this economy, who can tell the price when you read this!
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Your MultiKit is great!!!! I need a terminal, i need a small oscilloscope, this is ideal for me.
Janos Tolgyesi
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