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Some frequently asked questions about the MultiKitB.
1) What tools do I need to develop my own programs on the MultiKitB?

Besides the power supply, no additional hardware is needed, you don't need an external programmer. The MultiKitB has a bootloader that allows programming thru the serial port. If you prefer using an external programmer, you must use an ISP programmer, such as: AVR ISP 2 or the AVR Dragon.

Sofware Tools:

2) How do I power the MultiKitB?
To power the MultiKit you will need a 6V or 9V, 100mA, center positive wall adapter such as:
EPS060100-P5RP    or    EPS090066-P5RP

If you are going to use the backlight on the MultiKitB, the 6V wall adapter is recommended.

3) What is the maximum frequency that I can measure with the MultiKitB?
You will be able to see decent waveforms up to 400KHz. However, you can still measure frequencies up to almost Nyquist/2,  i.e. 1.6MHz. The FFT analysis will be particularly useful to measure high frequencies.

4) The source code says "evaluation version", can I get the full version?
The full source code will be provided to customers who buy the MultiKitB, or can be purchased separately. The evaluation source code contains over 90% of the full code, it will give you a pretty good understanding of the oscilloscope and other applications. The HEX file does contain the full version of the oscilloscope.

5) What is the difference between the MultiKit and the MultiKitB?

  • The accelerometers are not present in the MultiKitB
  • The MultiKitB has 2 rotary encoders.
  • The MultiKitB uses mostly SMD parts.
  • The MultiKitB controls the buzzer with only one pin (multi tone is not possible anymore)
  • The Oscilloscope in the MultiKitB is improved: lower trigger jitter, higher refresh rate, use of the rotary encoders to improve the user interface.

6) What is the current consumption of the MultiKitB?
With the oscilloscope running and no backlight, it is around 80mA.

7) The LCD is blank, what may have happened?
Adjust the contrast potentiometer. The contrast is adjusted during assembly and doesn't need to be changed.

8) How does the MultiKitB compare to other digital oscilloscopes?
You can check this comparison table.


avatar Kenichi Mizuno
Hi, My name is Mizuno.

I bought in January your MUltikitB.
So I have a question.

1. My MultikitB is very Narrow to adjust brightness.
Therefore, R1 can be either I want to exchange?

2. How to lighting to LCD backlight.

Please guidance to me.
avatar ganzziani
1) R1 controls the contrast, not the brightness, if you turn R1 more than half turn, it will respond better.
2) If you don't have the LCD backlight module, you can add it to have the backlight feature. You can buy the module in the store.
avatar leo
hello folks,
the demo looks great.
besides the AVR studio and the compiler what do i need to make/change the LCD pictures.
i can not believe it has been made without extra LCD software tools
avatar ganzziani
To power the MultiKitB you need the AC adapter, I sell these on my store.
You need a serial cable to program the MultiKitB with your own applications.
On the source code, you will see that I have a demo folder where you can start as an example for your own stuff.
avatar mustafa_ozcan
Hi I have purchased from you MultiKitB want to make the software upgrade to version 1.6. located on the device can be made to comport with the installation or how can I do otherwise.
avatar ganzziani
If you have an ISP programmer, just program the HEX directly. The HEX file is available at the product's main page. The file contains 3 folders, the MSO folder contains v1.6.
If you don't have an ISP programmer, check if your MultiKitB has the bootloader (the first few units I sold don't have it). With the bootloader you can also program v1.6. The bootloader instructions are here: http://www.gabotronics.com/product-manuals/multikitb-bootloader.htm
avatar mustafa_ozcan
Hello my dear Gabriel MultikitB-1.4 device, I want to upgrade to 1.7 version. made with the parallel port (http://www.lancos.com/e2p/avrisp-siprog_mini.gif) how equipment will be installation. It could not be with Ponyprog software. These three pieces of the file mso.eep, mso.elf, how do I install mso.hex Waiting for their assistance.
avatar ganzziani
If you have version 1.4, you should be able to use the bootloader (no programmer needed, just a serial cable). Follow the bootloader instructions:

You can also program the device with the programmer, you will need to press the power button while programming. Just follow the instructions of the programmer. You will need the HEX and EEP file, you won't need the ELF.
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