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New York Maker Faire 2012

I was at the World Maker Faire this year in New York!

I prepared a lot of demos, and received a lot of attention from the crowd.

Gabotronics New York Maker Faire

The guys from Hack A Day posted an article and a video:

For an outstanding exhibit, I received an "Editor's Choice" blue ribbon!

Gabotronics Blue Ribbon

NEW: Android USB Support

Gabotronics has teamed up with NFX Development to provide support on Android devices.

More information about the app is at NFX's website.

Currently, the Android device communicates to the Xprotolab or Xminilab thru the USB port, but Bluetooth support is coming soon.

Here is a video demonstration:


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I received the xprotolab and I'm blown away by the sophistication of the software. I work in audio a lot and I often have to lug equipment around between labs. This pocket unit will come in handy. Tom Maier

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