MultiKitB v1.6 Released

Version 1.6 of the MultiKitB source code is released.

Version history:

  • Ver 1.6: Added the option to apply a log to the FFT. MSO Manual updated.
  • Ver 1.5: Added more precision to the average function. Minor optimizations.
  • Ver 1.4: Save settings on exit. A few assembly optimizations.
  • Ver 1.3: Bootloader compatible.
  • Ver 1.2: Added external trigger on PB5. Digital inputs traces are 2 pixel wide when "low".
HEX code available at the product's webpage. Source Code available for purchase.
AVR MultiKitB
MultiKitB Source Code


avatar michauhl
Thanks for the log in the FFT. This function I have missed.
regards Michael
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Last Updated on Saturday, 20 February 2010 22:39