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I started composing around 1994 using a MIDI keyboard controller called MusicStar by Reveal Computer Prod.  

MusicStar Package

MusicStar Studio

It had a nice included software with some nice rhythms. The music created sounded ok, even with the old days FM Synthethizer chip on a Sound Blaster 16.

Unfortunately, I lost all the MIDI files I composed when upgrading to a new computer. I started to look into other forms of composition, because the sound from the FM chip wasn't sufficient, specially the drum kits sounds. Then I learned about the tracker programs that allowed sound samples to be used. I decided to use Impulse Tracker.

Impulse Tracker

These are some of the songs I have composed over the years using Impulse Tracker:

A Sea in the Sky Demo
Adventures Demo
Dance Demo
First Song Demo
Full Relax Demo
La Miniteca Demo
Loco2 Demo
No Way Demo
Truth of Soul Demo

The songs are encoded in low quality, If you like any of these songs, you can purchase a high quality version here.

These songs are copyrighted, these songs are not for commercial use. If you want to use these songs for commercial purposes, contact me.

I recently bought an M-Audio Axiom 49 and I am trying it out with FL Studio... I will keep composing on me (rare and limited) free time...

M-Audio Axiom 49

FL Studio



This is great. My youngest daughter plays piano and composes.

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The XPL is such a neat design. I am in awe of your EE and programming skills, dude. Dave B.

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