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 Subject :Decoding Bulk Read Data.. 2017-09-06 04:48:28 
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we are currently trying to read out ch1 of the Xprotolab Plain via Python.

Therefore we approached using the USB1LIB and connected successfully.

We are able to perform a Bulk Read (CH1,2,...) and wanted to decode the data received for ch1, which should be the first 256 byte set according to your documentation.

Could you tell us what type the data is, as an ASCII decoding isn't working?

Maybe we are doing something wrong?

It would be nice to get a hint...


Thank You and best regards

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 Subject :Re:Decoding Bulk Read Data.. 2017-09-11 22:19:17 
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The data is in binary. More information is in section 6 of the manual.
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