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 Subject :measuring mobile battery via Xprotolab.. 2013-03-11 10:30:41 
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I just bought this product to measure the energy of my mobile battery. I am from CS background, so don't have enough information.
Can anybody help me, I have Xprotolab product and circuit board. To supply power to this circuit, i will use micro_USB connected to my laptop. But the problem is where I'm gonna put the cable on circuit board to measure the signal.

Mobile Battery has positive and negative terminal so where should i put the other end of the cable on circuit board?

I don't know much about electronice. Any help would be highly appreciated


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 Subject :Re:measuring mobile battery via Xprotolab.. 2017-07-05 12:44:03 
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Driven Pixel: The Pixie is a shading LED module, enabling an outside controller to change its shading and brilliance powerfully.


Chainable: The module is composed with the goal that you can chain a large portion of them and control every one separately. On the off chance that you know NeoPixels, this idea ought to be clear, yet in the event that you don't, envision you need to assemble a venture that requires 50 LEDs to be exclusively controlled. Gullibly, you would need to control each on of them separately, at that point associate every one of them independently to a controller.

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