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 Subject :Designing for the Xminlab.. 2017-09-14 04:27:16 
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First question do you have a cad model of the Xminilab showing at least the basic outline position of display to board profile and height, position of headers and switches K1-K4, as I am looking to incorporate this board into a larger unit ?

Also which side of K1-K4 is gound, so I can wire to the other side to remotely control/switch menu ?

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 Subject :Re:Designing for the Xminlab.. 2017-10-27 11:30:01 
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Some dimensions are described in user manual, page 10.
You can find easily K1-K4 ground by a multimeter. Turn switch to "?", place one terminal to one of the GNDs on pin header, and search all others by the other terminal of multimeter.
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