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 Subject :Unable to use log file interface.. 2017-08-24 00:49:04 
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I have had Xscope installed on a Win10 64bit Pro PC for probably 5 years, working with a Xprotolab plain board.  It has always had problems with locking up periodically which causes a lengthy delay before it can be restarted.  I recently flashed the board firmware, Xscope reports v2.40, and the Xscope version is, but there was no change in this behavior.

Recently I tried to record and save data for the first time.  When I press the record button, I am then unable to stop the recording, if I press the stop button there is no response from the GUI.  I can save a small amount of data to a file, but I cannot load the data, Xscope locks up, the error is: "Xscope.exe has stopped working." I would like to record about 10 seconds of data at 128us / div.  Should this work?



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