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 Subject :Sampling rate.. 2010-11-27 19:44:44 
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Helo, What is actual sampling rate of ADC. Is it 16Msps or 32Msps (16Msps per channel). If it is 32Msps, would xmega be capable of acquiring data from two adc's (eg. via 2xDMA). I'm asking because I'm interested in building MSO.   Marcin

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 Subject :Re:Sampling rate.. 2010-11-29 01:43:53 
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Hi, the sampling rate on the Xmegalab is 16MSPS, shared for both channels. The Xmegalab is currently not using the DMA for acquisition, although I think its possible.

To sample at 32MSPS I would suggest a faster microcontroller (like the AVR32 UC3), or even better. an FPGA + SRAM solution.

See my oscilloscope comparison table, look for open source designs and it will give you more ideas.

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