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 Subject :Xscope and screen resolution + control hiding.. 2016-09-25 01:18:22 
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Does anyone have any thoughts about modifying xscopes-qt to allow for a shorter vertical footprint?  Seems to be locked at 850 which makes it barely usable at 1200x800.  Trying it on a smaller device like an EEE-PC is pure frustration.

Also is there currently any way to hide the controls and maximize the graph area?

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 Subject :Re:Xscope and screen resolution + control hiding.. 2017-12-17 12:26:24 
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Yes, this is giving me grief also on the Raspberry Pi; I hate to make everything else microscopic just to get access to the controls; even to turn it on and off.


One thing I did was to edit the /boot/config.txt in order to change the vertical part of my screen resolution to 800 which worked for my 1366x768 display.

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