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 Subject :Xprotolab plain - how to use it in a simple way.. 2018-01-14 11:55:41 
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I recently bought a "plain version". Problem: it is not running anyway, neither under windows (XP64) nor Ubuntu 16 nor Android.

Later I only want to use it with a tablet and the Oscilloscope software from NFX (Nick Winder), for now also this is not working. (but using a OTG cable). What about the two cables from Micro -->A-A--> Micro? Both OTG necessary?

But the LED is lighting and both the voltages can be measured at the PCB-pins.

How to install the ZADIG-driver? There is no explanation, what it does. It propably does'nt work because the device is not recognized by MS Windows resp. I believe this. Can this be true?

And at last: should Xscope show "Connected", when it is connected only without any other cables on it or not? What means the white cable on the picture at the "plain" page between pin 1 and 5? I dont understand, why there is a signal shown without any Channel input. Confusing.

And really at last: what mean the 6 empty holes near the usb interface? Can I use them?

thanks for help!


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