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 Subject :My Xprotolab Plain.. 2017-02-21 11:06:45 
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Hello! Today I semi-finished my DIY clone of Xprotolab Plain. It looks like this:
I have to say, I like that Windows host software. I read somewhere, it is sort of "first version", not polished, but it is pretty impressive as it is. That being said, I am curious - is there any plans to advance and polish this software even more?
Also, my hat is off to Author for providing everything - schematics, binaries, everything.
I wonder, will we see in future some more oscilloscopes, probably different hardware platform, better bandwidth?
In any case - my Big Thank You!  :)

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 Subject :Re:My Xprotolab Plain.. 2017-02-21 22:53:29 
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Hello, that DIY Xprotolab Plain looks very good.
I have other things going on and not much time to spend on software developing. There have been some people doing some work on github: https://github.com/ganzziani/xscopes-qt/network

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