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 Subject :serious issues after firmware upgrade.. 2017-03-04 18:07:19 
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I used dfu-programmer to upgrade my firmware to 2.40.  This appeared to succeed with no errors.  I flashed the firmware because I was trying to use the device with Xscope on OSX.  Xscope did not work, and showed me a warning that I needed to upgrade my firmware.  Alas, upgrading the firmware seems to have broken my device.

"Broken" in this case means not quite bricked, but the device does not behave according to the Dec 2014 version of the manual and most functions seem to be inaccessible.

Manual says

- The tactile switches are named (from left to right) K1, K2, K3 and K4.

The K4 is the Menu button.

- Press and hold the K1 key (auto setup). The screen should look like figure 16.

- Pressing K2 or K3 will change the sampling rate

After power-up, K4 no longer does anything whether held or not.  My initial screen shows both ch1 and ch2 side by side, displaying a generated waveform when AWG is selected, not just ch1 as in manual.

K1 briefly pressed stops the display, but sometimes what is shown is random dots rather than a dotted sine wave.

Pressing and holding K1 does not result in the single trace screen shown in the manual.  Instead, it also stops the screen update.

Once stopped using K1, the banner at bottom suggests that K2 and K3 should shift the waveform left and right.  However, if I play with these buttons... K2 does nothing.  If I press K3 I get a new bottom banner for about half a second, then the screen goes dark and the unit has to be rebooted.  K4 is not enough to get it started again.  I have to press K1 first, then K4 to start.

When it starts up again, it's in some other mode:  voltage rather than trace.  But the bottom banner still reads "STOP ... MOVE- ... MOVE+" as if it were in scope mode.  I am completely disoriented :-)


I did try upgrading the firmware for older hardware (I am not sure how to tell which hardware I have).  I got error messages indicating overlap of firmware and boot loader, and after this flash the device was bricked.  I figured this was evidence that I do not have the older (pre v2) hardware.  So I reverted to the firmware for v2 hardware series.


Further poking about indicates that K3 always kills the device, no matter what screen I am on.

I was hoping to use this handy, dandy little device (which I bought some years back) as a debug tool for my Arduino projects.  I'm really disappointed that it seems to be broken.  As it turns out I can sort of use it, if I bring it up in default mode (both channels side by side) and touch no other buttons.  I am monitoring a pwm output right now and it looks approximately right (I can see the duration of the high dc phase changing as the pwm value changes).  However, it appears that much of the functionality is lost, and the buttons do not do anything like what the manual says they should.

Can anyone help to understand why K3 always kills my unit, why it doesn't behave according to the manual etc?



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 Subject :Re:serious issues after firmware upgrade.. 2017-03-05 17:40:07 
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What hardware do you have? It is marked on the back of the board.

What is the color of the display?

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Gabriel Anzziani
 Subject :Re:serious issues after firmware upgrade.. 2017-03-05 20:22:57 
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Ciao Gabriel, thank you for responding so quickly! In answer to your question, the display is green in colour. I just took the case apart and on the top surface of the board, above the display screen, it says Rev 1.1 -- so this is a very early unit.


xminilab screen

It seems unlikely that it will ever run firmware 2.40, being so old. So I fear I have broken it, because even the "older hardware" firmware version I have will not flash so there is no going back (sigh). Do you have the hex and eep files still for this very early generation? Can I upgrade it to a later rev by swapping parts, or were there board design changes as well? I may just have to grit my teeth and buy an up-to-date model :-)

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 Subject :Re:serious issues after firmware upgrade.. 2017-03-15 22:28:48 
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Hi Gabriel...? Any update on this issue?

Is my minilab capable of running 2.40? Is it too old? Is there any way I can upgrade it to match whatever changes you have made to current version?
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 Subject :Re:serious issues after firmware upgrade.. 2017-05-16 05:39:15 
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I have the same device (Xminilab Portable, hardware version 1.1 written on the PCB) and just upgraded to 2.40 without problems, everything still works as before. Some thoughts:

- Did you use the 1.1 version of the firmware? There is also an 1.11 version inside the zip, which I presume will cause problems.

- Did you upload the .hex firmware and .eep EEPROM file?

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