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 Subject :V-I Technique-Analog Signature Analysis.. 2016-04-15 06:32:36 
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I'm trying to use the V-I technique according to circuit and parameters on page 37 User's Manual to troubleshoot some damaged PCBs but I have some problems. When I test a capacitor with small capacitance the display show a circle but when I choose for example a 75microfarad 35V electrolytic capacitor the signal showet it's very fuzzy and very elongated in vertical direction in the Y axis and I cannot interpret.The same with capacitors on board and also very fuzzy signals displayed with other components or points measuring on PCBs. In the case of the capacitor I guess that the Xc is so tiny that causes also the voltage across it to be tiny.Could be useful changing the 1kohm resistor for another value or changing the AWG signal frequency? I would like to understand how works the oscilloscope to take the current and the voltage to plot in XY mode. I figure out that CH1 channel measure the voltage across the component and CH2 measure is equivalent to the voltage across 1kohm resistor+CH1 voltage. But the SUBTRACT in CH2 what is the meaning? It means that CH2 shows  CH2 voltage signal - CH1 signal= some voltage. I would be very grateful if someone could help me giving me any information or trick to use the oscilloscope as analog signature analysis like some other tracker equipments that are in market.

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