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 Subject :Calibration questio.. 2015-02-05 03:01:33 
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After a successful firmware update (from 2.28 to 2.40) and calibration I wanted to check the scope manually and hooked it up to the nearest 120V outlet (I've got a BNC probe that's set to x10)

I flipped the manual switch for channel 1 to AC and switched to the Meter mode.


First time I hooked it up the sine wave looks correct but the voltage reading in the device said 30.56V??

Next time (rebooted device, re-installed xscope) the meter in the device wanders between -0.0050 to +0.7000.

When I hooked it up to the xscope software (V1.1 for OSX) the sine wave looks OK (it bleeds over into channel two a bit but not too bad). The meter function in the software showed nothing but 0.0000

When I hooked it up to the software during my second attempt the meter in xscope also wanders between -0.0050 to +0.7000.

The frequency counter works and every time and shows a solid 62.5Hz

Am I doing something wrong? This is a working wall outlet that I'm testing on with the x10 setting on the probe.


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 Subject :Re:Calibration questio.. 2015-02-05 21:54:12 
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The device does not have an RMS measurement.
If you are measuring VDC, the device will show around zero volts (the average of the signal).
If you are measuring VPP, the device will show around 31V. (110/10) * 1.414 * 2.

For increased accuracy on the frequency measurement, use the FFT with a max freq. of 320Hz. Turn on the automatic vertical cursors to show the peak frequency.

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Gabriel Anzziani
 Subject :Re:Calibration questio.. 2015-02-09 00:30:01 
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