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Kit to build Xminilab
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Kit to build Xminilab

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Current stock has an  AMBER display

Build your own Xminilab! - Hardware version 2.3

Assembly Tips

This kit contains everything you need to build an Xminilab, the microcontroller will be programmed with the latest firmware before shipping.

Click the Assembly icon for assembly instructions.


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Customer Reviews:

John Hannon  (Thursday, 14 November 2013) Rating: 5
The reviews for the Xprotolab kit helped me with much of the difficultly in building this kit. The micro USB connector is tricky. Use a fine soldering tip (1/32) and a temperature controlled station. Tin the pc board pads and add liquid flux. Place the connector down and then heat each pin and it should wick into the connector pins.

The display was not as hard as I thought. Just tin the pc board pads and add liquid flux. I used tape to align and hold the ribbon down while soldering. The plastic ribbon looks like it will melt, but it did not for me. I guess it is designed for a hot bar tool to attach it.

I would recommend metering the +5v, +3.3V to make sure there are no shorts to ground.

I really enjoyed building this board and find it very useful for my work.

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Your MultiKit is great!!!! I need a terminal, i need a small oscilloscope, this is ideal for me.
Janos Tolgyesi
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