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XMEGA Xminilab-B

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Xminilab-B is a multi purpose development kit using the new XMEGA microcontrollers. It is targeted for anyone who wants to start learning AVR micros.
The Xminilab-B is also a fully featured Mixed Signal Oscilloscope and Spectrum Analyzer with an Arbitrary Function Generator.

General Specifications:

  • ATXMEGA32A4 microcontroller: 32KB Flash, 4KB SRAM, 1KB EEPROM.
  • 128x128 backlit LCD
  • PDI interface
  • RS-232 Serial Interface
  • User Input: 2 Rotary Encoders and 7 tactile switches
  • DC Input: 6V to 9V

Mixed Signal Oscilloscope Specifications:

  • 1 Analog Channel
  • Input Impedance: 1M?, 15pF
  • Maximum Input Voltage: +/- 25V (+/- 250V if using a 10:1 probe)
  • A/D Converter Resolution: 8 bits
  • Maximum Sampling Rate: 16MS/s
  • Analog Bandwidth: 2MHz
  • 2 Digital Inputs: 3.5V level
Arbitrary Waveform Generator Specifications:
  • 1 MS/s
  • 8 bit r esolution (XMEGA is capable of 10bits, but 8bits are used currently)
  • 256 byte long buffer
  • Predefined waveforms: Sine, Square, Triangle, Exponential, Noise
  • Maximum Output Voltage: +/- 3.5V


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