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3.5mm to BNC probe adapter3.5mm to Hook Clips Probe

3.5mm to BNC probe converter
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3.5mm to BNC probe converter

This is a 3.5mm to BNC converter cable. You can hook any BNC probe to the 3.5mm connector of the Xprotolab Portable.


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Mark Smith  (Thursday, 06 March 2014) Rating: 5
[From my Amazon review] As one who has oscilloscope probes galore from past years working in electronics, this adapter is essential for use of the many miniature digital oscilloscopes with 3.5mm mono phone connectors. The pigtail allows for some strain relief since many 'scope probes have impedance matching and switches in the base at the BNC connector that weigh as much as the connected digital scope.

Excellent combined with the tripod adapters for the Xminilab Portable or Xprotolab Portable little digital 'scopes (DSOs). I loop a wire tie around the tripod holding the scope probe to provide some strain relief and attach the scope probe to this BNC to 3.5mm pigtail only when needed. The combination provides an excellent, portable, and PC attachable solution for audio and digital circuit troubleshooting.

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3.5mm to BNC probe adapter
3.5mm to BNC probe adapter




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